Advanced Inspection Solutions

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Innospection stands for Innovative Inspection.

We are a provider of advanced inspection services for the integrity and lifetime assessment support of onshore and offshore topside, splash zone and subsea assets. We offer innovative and unique R&D solutions to solve standard and niche inspection challenges.


Since 1998, Innospection has delivered advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services and solutions to the worldwide process industries including the onshore and offshore Oil & Gas industry, refineries, petrochemical and power plants.

Originally established as Kontroll Technik UK with the focus in specialised Eddy Current inspection services, the company was based in Rugby to support the chemical engineering and nuclear power industries where Multiple Frequency Eddy Current technique for heat exchanger and boiler tube inspection first gained recognition and acceptance.

With the technical application development of the SLOFEC™ technique for fast corrosion screening through the protective coatings, the company expanded its service portfolio to include storage tank, pipes and pressure vessel inspection.

In 2005, the company name was changed to Innospection to better represent its drive to bring innovation to the advanced NDT business.

In 2006, the company moved its main operational base to a larger premises and workshop facility in Aberdeen. This was motivated by a strong commitment to service the Oil & Gas industry which is also the most dynamic in seeking solutions to technological challenges.

From 2008, Innospection further expanded its inspection service portfolio to the offshore and subsea infrastructures. Innovative solutions and equipment have been developed by an internal R&D team to solve niche inspection challenges for flexible and rigid risers, caissons, conductors, subsea structures and pipelines, mooring lines as well as complex areas like subsea welds and manifolds.

Innospection’s reputation for expertise in the NDT market has facilitated increasing global demand over the years. Global subsidiary offices have been set up to serve the demanding global market. An international partner network has also been set up to support the direct communication with clients in the areas where we are not directly located.

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