Advanced Inspection Solutions

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effective inspection by offering the best technical solutions to support an optimum integrity assessment and lifetime estimate of the asset.

Through our extensive experience and know-how, we aim to achieve market prominence as a provider of advanced inspection services and solutions as well as to develop a valuable global business based upon niche inspection challenges.


Our Strategy

Our foundation strategy is to bring to the market innovative technologies, advanced equipment and application developments to provide our clients with optimum inspection solutions and to solve particular inspection challenges.

To achieve that, we place great importance in technology development and having qualified and certified inspection engineers.

The technology development is supported by an internal R&D team consisting of highly qualified engineers experienced in physics, mechanics, electronics and software. Their expertise and know-how in electromagnetic NDT technologies, application development to inspection tasks and pipeline inspection technology support the company in providing our clients with optimum inspection solutions.

Our inspection personnel are trained to operate the advanced inspection equipment. Qualified to a minimum PCN / ASNT Level II Eddy Current, they are also certified to perform inspection services onshore and offshore.