Advanced Inspection Solutions

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We are thrilled to announce FlexIQ, a joint offering from INTECSEA and Innospection which focuses on full flexible riser integrity management, as winner of Offshore Energy’s Best Innovation Award!

The award honours the best and latest innovations in the offshore oil and gas industry, and was presented to the team at Offshore Energy’s Opening Gala Dinner in Amsterdam on 24th October 2016.

FlexIQ, launched in March 2016, is a unique offering for the offshore oil and gas market, redefining the industry’s approach to flexible riser integrity management. Conventional flexible riser integrity assessments rely primarily on annulus testing, some form of external inspection which only penetrates into the outer armour wire layer of the flexible, and simulations with highly simplified models that do not accurately represent the complex construction and kinematics of the flexible. With replacement costs for flexible risers upwards of 40MUSD, in addition to the associated production downtime, operators need more certainty about the true condition of their risers. FlexIQ provides that certainty.

FlexIQ is the result of a strategic alliance between INTECSEA and Innospection. Central to the value and distinctiveness of FlexIQ are the state-of-the-art and proprietary inspection capabilities of MEC-FIT™, from Innospection, and numerical simulation capabilities of FLEXAS™, from INTECSEA. By combining these capabilities with industry-leading annulus testing and a formal risk-based approach to flexible riser risk assessment and life extension, FlexIQ delivers all aspects of flexible integrity management through a single provider.