Advanced Inspection Solutions

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Innospection has been tasked by an Operator in the North Sea to perform a feasibility study on riser coating inspection.

A major concern of the Oil and Gas Operators is the effect of corrosion on the steel structures, particularly the highly vulnerable splash zone area with its continuous exposure to oxygenated seawater and wave action which can damage the riser coatings and result in high levels of corrosion.

The Operator seeks an existing or new technology which can be developed to improve the Splash Zone Inspection (SZI) capabilities and to shorten the inspection durations or ideally to complete the inspection without affecting the production.

The development of a customised inspection tool with an alternative technology or a combination of complementing technologies capable of achieving similar or better results with less reliance on rope access teams, weather, lifting and access would reduce the overall costs associated with  the inspection work.

Innospection has completed the first phase of the study and several potentially appropriate inspection techniques have been identified.

In the next phase of the study, the identified techniques will be tested in the laboratory on test samples retrieved from the platforms to determine its effectiveness and the most efficient inspection system configuration. Subsequent investigations on coping with the harsh conditions of the splash zone will be undertaken.