Advanced Inspection Solutions

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Innospection successfully completed its first flexible riser inspection in the North Sea in February 2013.

The inspection of the flexible risers was performed using the sophisticated self-crawling inspection system named MEC-Hug Crawler, wholly developed and built by Innospection following years of R&D and qualifications.

Tapping into our extensive field experience, Innospection is providing new ways of deploying advanced electromagnetic inspection technologies, particularly the Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current technique, in the most challenging inspection environment.

The MEC-Hug riser inspection system was deployed from the platform and brought in position above the splash zone by rope access personnel. After the MEC-Hug Crawler was in place, the tool ’embraced’ and moved along the risers through the splash zone to perform the inspection.

Although the MEC-Hug Crawler inspection system could move down to -70m, the focus of the inspection task was to scan the production risers from -30m to +5m for the detection of defects and wall loss in the first and second tensile armoured layer, caused potentially by cracks or pitting corrosion in the single wires or multiple wire areas.

As the required scans per work scope were performed within a single shift, this inspection job has proven that the technology and its mechanical hydraulic driving mechanism allow an effective and fast scanning. The scans demonstrated excellent signal response not only for clean wire conditions but also at the known potential area with shown indications which allowed the assessment of the wire condition.

Due to the technology capability, it was additionally possible to determine the wire layer from which the indications were reflected. The MEC-Hug riser inspection system is scheduled to be deployed in Q2 of 2013 to Equatorial Guinea for the next flexible riser inspection job.