Advanced Inspection Solutions

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A new wall crawler scanner first developed for the military, is now available for Commercial Tank Storage inspections.

Aberdeen headquartered, inspection providers, Innospection are the first in the UK to use the piece of equipment which is has been created to improve corrosion detection and measurement on storage tank walls.

The Altiscan tank crawler, is the fastest crawler on the market, inspecting up to five tanks per day, even with it being single-man operated.  The crawler’s magnetic capacity is amongst the strongest, which allows the crawler to be used in even the harshest weather conditions, including heavy rain, dust and strong winds, increasing productivity and cost efficiencies.  Even with its magnetic strength the crawler has been designed so as not to damage the paint work of a standard storage tank.

The crawler also moves in all directions and performs a continuous Ultrasonic scan reporting wall thickness up the entire height of the tank, rather than spot checks, which the existing models in the market do.

It also includes an inbuilt report generator which automatically detects the minimum, maximum and average thickness of the tank walls, which saves a significant amount of time during the overall inspection.

Andreas Boenisch, Managing Director said: “Our expertise lies in innovative technology solutions for inspection challenges and so this new generation magnetic crawler and the results it can produce is something we are very excited about.

“Our team of highly skilled EEMUA tank inspectors have already used the equipment on a number of projects across the UK which have carried out a higher quality inspection, exceeded safety standards and produced robust data faster than ever to inform asset integrity assessments, in accordance with industry standards.”

In addition to the Altiscan tank crawler, Innospection are also skilled in using the F15 MEC Floor Scanner, allowing them to provide an entire tank inspection for clients.