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Laser Inspection of Damaged Subsea Pipeline

30 March 2014

News MEC-Combi Crawler with incorporated laser triangulation system

The laser triangulation measurement technique is the latest inspection technique to be incorporated into the versatile MEC-Combi Crawler Pipeline Inspection Tool to provide comprehensive inspection data within a single deployment.

Innospection was requested to perform an inspection on a subsea pipeline located at a depth of >100m which was damaged by an external impact, resulting in a dent at a section of the pipeline where its concrete casing with wire enforcement was also lost.


The surface geometry, wall thickness reduction and deformation of the pipeline had to be measured to determine the extent of the damage and for further fitness-for-purpose analysis.


The Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current scans for corrosion screening were performed in the axial direction of the pipe in a single run while the Ultrasonic scans for absolute wall thickness measurement and laser scans for surface geometry measurement were performed together at individual sections in the axial direction.


The density of the laser scans was sufficiently high to allow the concatenating the separate scans to yield a single picture of the scanned surface.


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