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Flexible Riser Inspection

MEC-FIT' is a new inspection system using a patented subsea electromagnetic Eddy Current technology with deployment from a Remote Operated Vehicle to provide a reliable and technically advanced inspection solution for general risers and flexible risers.

The MEC-FIT' system was developed by Innospection Ltd in response to market demand for general riser and flexible riser inspections operated from offshore installations. The alliance with Fugro Subsea Services Ltd enables the new inspection system to be interfaced with a ROV to deliver a technically advanced inspection solution during offshore operations.

Capabilities of MEC-FIT'

  • MEC-FIT' offers rapid external scanning with the ability to penetrate into the various armour layers of the flexible risers.

    It features a patented inspection technique which combines the direct magnetic field lines with eddy current field lines, allowing the deeper penetration into the ferrite steel material. A modification from the standard eddy current technology already well established by Innospection, this technique enables the selection of the flexible riser layers to be inspected, or alternatively allows the optimisation of the inspection for a specific layer from which a defect signal is received.

  • The key capability of MEC-FIT' is the detection of localised material defects such as cracks and corrosion beneath the riser coating at the single wires or wire areas. Additionally, this tool has the potential to detect and analyse material fatigue and general wall loss.

    Because the inspection method is electromagnetic, it measures the integrity in the armour layers and detects corrosion, cracks and any other structural changes in these metallic layers. This technology was successfully deployed on the flexible riser in the North Sea. MEC-FIT' has demonstrated to be able to penetrate up to several layers from the outside of the flexible riser.

  • The principle of the technique means that no couplant or annulus flooding is required for the inspection to be carried out.

Features of MEC-FIT'

MEC-FIT' consists of a clamp-on cage which allows the scanning device to be attached to the outer surface of the riser around its full circumference. The cage is deployed onto the riser via a ROV and moves along the riser for inspection. The inspection head contains the permanent magnet unit which can be controlled in its field strength by hydraulic valves and the eddy current sensors which are connected to the ROV interface.

The signal data is transferred in real time via the ROV umbilical to the inspection computer located at the ROV control unit on the support vessel. This provides instantaneous inspection results.

Technical Specifications

Total Height : 2.0m
Total Width : 1.5m
Total Depth : 1.2m
Total Weight in air : 230 Kg (estimated)
Total Weight in water : 65 Kg
Input : 8 hydraulic points
Camera : 1-2
No. of EC sensors : 4-8


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