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Heat Exchange Tube Inspection

Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection

The inspection of the heat exchanger (boiler) tubes is carried out with the following optimum selected technologies:

  • Multiple Frequency Eddy Current
  • Magnetic Biased Eddy Current
  • Remote Field Eddy Current
  • RotoScan (Rotational Eddy Current systems)
  • Iris (Rotational Ultrasonic systems)

Continuous inspection is of utmost importance for the company and its operations and serves to achieve the following:

  1. Detection of damages at an early stage in order to maximize the lifetime of the components and for the cost effective planning of repairs
  2. Avoid unforeseen plant shutdowns due to components damage
  3. Avoid the secondary damage of high value components
  4. Avoid environmental damage and detraction of the company image
  5. Avoid reduction of the product quality
  6. Increase operational safety and fulfillment of authorities' requirements
  7. Achieve the better analysis of production or process caused damages

Innospection's high level of tube inspection experience and advanced technologies offer high defect detection capabilities and accurate defect analysis. With high inspection speed and low cleaning requirements, our cost effective inspection technologies are able to inspect the Ferro- and Non Ferromagnetic tubes as well as Fin Fan tube.

Coupled with an advanced and comprehensive reporting software, the clients are provided with a precise and accurate condition overview as well as the results for the individual tubes. 'Real Time' results are also available while the inspection is in progress.

An overview of the various heat exchanger and boiler tube inspection techniques offered by Innospection is shown below. More details on each technique are available under the 'Technologies' section.

Techniques for Inspection of Heat Exchanger Tubing
  Multiple Frequency ET Magnetic Biased ET Remote Field ET IRIS
Materials N-FE Mat.
Stainless, CuNi, Brass, Titanium
Carbon Steel, Monel, Duplex (Fin Fantubes)
Carbon Steel, Monel, Duplex (Fin Fan tubes)
Average Productivity approx. per team / per shift ~ 500 Tubes ~ 350 Tubes ~ 250 Tubes ~ 80 Tubes
Detection Capabilities - Small Localised defects
- Vibration damage
- Thinning
- Crack (depending to orientation)
- Local defects
- Vibration damage
- Crack (depending to orientation)
- Volume defects
- Thinning
- Local defects
- Thinning
Cleaning General.
Allowing probes with 1.0mm to 1.5mm below ID to pass
High cleaning requirements



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