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Riser & Caisson

Riser & Caisson Inspection

The submersible inspection tools combine the SLOFEC', Eddy Current, Camera and Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) techniques which enable the fast scanning of caissons and other pipes as well as the detection and evaluation of both external and internal defects. They are designed to enable the non-intrusive inspection of risers and caissons through their neoprene coatings and typical Monel claddings.

The marinised Riser & Caisson inspection systems from Innospection consist of both internal and external inspection tools.

The SLOFEC Riser & Caisson inspection technique is a method for the detection of internal and external corrosion in both thin and thick walled piping. Our Riser & Caisson inspection scanners consist of multiple SLOFEC sensor units which provide high inspection resolution on corrosion issues as well as mapping the external and internal wall surfaces. These scanners contribute added value to all inspection procedures that require a non invasive corrosion detection technique.

The SLOFEC technique is capable of detecting corrosion through various coatings and thicknesses, typically up to 15mm and has the capability of scanning through protective materials such as Monel. The marinisation of the scanning units allows a smooth transition from air inspection directly into the splash zone and subsea terrains without a break in the continuity of the scanning.

The comprehensive reporting software utilises a combination of colour images and individual defect analysis to support the fast screening SLOFEC technique.

Innospection's capabilities in Riser and Caisson inspection using the SLOFEC technique are:

  1. High detection sensitivity up to a wall thickness of 30mm
  2. High detection sensitivity for the most typical coating thicknesses
  3. High inspection speeds with a typical coverage of 20m/min
  4. Scanning at various subsea depths
  5. Non invasive inspection with low surface preparation required
  6. Clear and succinct definition of external and internal corrosional defects
  7. Reliable inspection results
  8. User friendly software providing coloured condition mapping of internal & external defects
  9. High development potential for additional applications

Innospection's marinised scanning systems provide a versatile, cost effective solution to our clients, regardless of whether the inspection is to be carried out on the internal or external of the designated caisson or riser. Our current range of scanners has a proven track record and has satisfied the rigorous demands of the oil & gas industry both on and offshore.

Marinised SLOFEC Tool for External Riser Inspection

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