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Tank Scanning

Tank Scanning

Innospection's tank inspection and integrity support is combined with the advantageous SLOFEC' technique. The SLOFEC floor scanners are capable of inspecting with high speed floor plates up to 30mm and penetrating through coating up to 10mm thick. They are also designed to cover the maximum inspectable areas of the shell including areas unreachable by other inspection systems. This offers an alternative cost effective solution with the high benefits of a reliable and thorough inspection for a peace of mind.

The aims of tank inspection are:

  • Meeting the maintenance intervals as required by authorities
  • Meeting the maintenance intervals as required internally
  • Meeting the maintenance requirements as per EEMUA 159 / API 653 Standards
  • Identification of corrosion, leakages and areas to be repaired
  • Establishing the integrity of the tank

The Tank Inspection Division from Innospection is not only competent in tank inspection services but has also the expertise to assist our clients in the optimisation of the Storage Tank Integrity Management. Our aim is to achieve client satisfaction by delivering the best value for money as well as to operate in a partnership with them and assisting them in securing and attaining their corporate aims and policies.

Innospection's SLOFEC' technique for tank inspection offers the following advantages:

  • High inspection speed of approximately 25m/min
  • Low surface preparations and limited cleaning prior to inspection
  • High sensitivity in detecting defects up to 35mm wall thickness
  • High sensitivity in detecting defects through coatings & composite up to 10mm
  • Inspection of stainless steel tanks, carbon steel and non-ferrous tanks
  • Inspection of lined and unlined tank floors
  • Inspection over a wide range of temperatures with experience up to 150 deg C
  • Minimal dead zone on floor plate adjacent to tank shell & floor plate overlaps
  • Inspection and detection of corrosion at overlap welds in lined tanks
  • Separate reporting details for topside and underside defects
  • Reliable inspection results and computer aided mapping with extensive colour overview of
    • condition mapping
    • c-scan report
    • statistical analysis overview
    • individual defect listing
    • repair plate reporting

Innospection's Storage Tank Integrity Management services include:

  • Tank inspection, assessment and repair recommendations as per EEMUA 159 / API 653 standards, with scopes matching the clients' requirements and purpose
  • In-Service and Out-Of-Service tank inspections
  • Detailed inspection and recording of data on tank floors, shell, roof, appurtenances, access, berm, bund, etc using a full range of NDT and survey techniques
  • Provision of fast on-site feedback on the Pass / Fail areas of the inspected tanks to enable our clients to mobilise quickly the essential repairs and to minimise their tank outage times
  • Quick and high quality reports which include optimised recommendations based on both technical and commercial considerations to enable our clients to make sound Tank Integrity Management decisions
  • Provision of helpful discussions, recommendations and advices to support our clients in optimising their decisions

Innospection has strategic alliances with other experts and companies including the NDT service providers. We are able to mobilise these resources under our precise quality controls and procedures as well as to offer the widest possible range of the latest test and inspection methods and techniques in a seamless, professional and cost effective manner.

Our highly qualified professional staffs have broad practical experience and excellent technical knowledge in storage tanks. We also pride ourselves in the strict adherence to the Quality Control and Safety for all our works.

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