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Vessel Scanning

Vessel Scanning

The corrosion screening and monitoring of vessels and drums with a wall thickness up to 30mm can be inspected with the SLOFEC' Scanners from the inside or the outside. Full vessel monitoring packages including comprehensive reporting systems are also offered. Applied during process conditions as a fast corrosion screening technique, the SLOFEC Vessel Scanning supports ideally as an NII (Non Intrusive Inspection) technology.

The aims of vessel inspection are:

  • Meeting the authorities' health and safety requirements
  • Identification of corrosion area and monitoring of corrosional growth
  • Determination of vessel integrity
  • Verification of previous inspection results
  • Supporting Non Intrusive Inspection (NII) packages or strategies

Innospection's SLOFEC™ technique for vessel inspection offers the following advantages:

  • Fast screening of larger areas within a short time
  • Low surface preparations and limited cleaning prior to inspection
  • High sensitivity in detecting internal and external corrosional defects (individual pitting, microbiological corrosion, carbon dioxide corrosion, etc)
  • Inspection over a wide range of wall thicknesses
  • Inspection through coatings and paintings
  • Inspection over a wide range of temperatures
  • Distinguishing between defects and laminations or inclusions

Innospection's capabilities in vessel inspection using the SLOFEC' technique are:

  • Experienced with vessel wall thickness range up to 30mm
  • Experienced with vessel coating thickness up to 5mm
  • Experienced with vessel temperature up to 120 deg C
  • Experienced with inspecting stainless steel and Monel-clad vessels
  • Able to inspect horizontal and vertical vessels both internally and externally
  • Able to inspect different vessel materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, monel, etc)
  • Able to provide online 'Real Time' inspection analysis including wall loss severity classifications
  • Separate reporting capability on both internal and external conditions
  • Defect assessment, integrity and monitoring support
  • Special cracking detection tools are available

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